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Lead Generation Platform
WINS $30,000!
Home Improvement 
Lead Generation Competition
Your chance to dream up the ideal lead generation platforms that unites the fragmented industry to compete against the current corporate domination. You get credit for your contribution and this will be deployed nationwide!
You may also be considered to run the program. 
What Is The RSVP Lead Generation Competition? 

The company that has been helping home improvement service contractors reach homeowners since 1985 is expanding to create a platform with one sole purpose...

Democratize Lead Generation for Home Improvement Pro's.

Consumer hoarding corporations dominate search engines for the sole purpose of capturing leads only to sell those homeowner leads they capture back to the very business owners that the customers were searching for to begin with... a middle man.

Take the power of centralized lead generation services & put it in the hands of the local business owners.
(RSVP has been on the Top 500 list for 6 yrs in a row and is expanding to launch this platform starting with our own clients for free)
The $30,000 RSVP Lead Generation prize is meant to inspire & challenge developers to help create a platform that does what no one has been able to figure out...

Defragment the Home Improvement Industry.

It will provide Homeowners and local service providers a free, transparent, open and fair platform packed with useful tools to find, vet and transact business without the middle man. 
Think of it as mashing together sites like Houzz, Home Advisor , Angie's List & Groupon with review sites like Google, BBB, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook then put it in the hands of the business owners and homeowners instead of controlling it.

Your job is to aid in the development of the platform that facilitates homeowners and home improvement service providers with a place to easily & safely transact business, make offers and review each other.

Winner will create the biggest breakthrough and get $30,000 CASH! 

The $300 Billion Home Improvement industry is made up of fragmented small business owners that are scattered, not joined together. Because of that, multinational corporations have exploited them without challenge.

One Possible Solution Is a Bundle Of Lead Generation Tools
A bundle of lead generation tools for Home Improvement business owners that were free to use, for the crowd of millions of business owners bound together to contribute to the platform would hold the weight necessary to disrupt this space.

For example: do a search for "roofing estimate" and count how many local roofers hit the front page. There are approximately 148,000  roofers employed in the United States (according to yet they are not the ones you find. The savvy internet platforms are what you find. As a whole, if these business owners bound together, they would be a force to be reckoned with.

 If you combine Roofers with all other subcategories of Home Improvement, you have a cultural swing. The Home Improvement small business owners are being exploited because they are fragmented, and it is a $300 Billion industry that multinational corporations have exploited without challenge because their competition remains fragmented and they obviously have a cohesive corporate structure that is well funded...but not as well funded as the entire business community combined. 

By nature a Home Improvement contractor's intelligence quotient is measured by their ability to construct a safe and comfortable living environment. It's common to see at least 2,000 hours of paid long-term on-the-job training each year, plus a minimum of 144 hours of classroom instruction a year in tools and their use, arithmetic, safety, and other topics.

 Note that the ability to influence internet traffic isn't part of that. This shift is imperative for a free, fair and open internet.

 There are approximately 100 subcategories under the umbrella of Home Improvement service, each with a dozen subcategories of their own that are all in the same position as roofers. 

 These include interior and exterior home maintenance, repair and construction:
Additions & Remodels, Air Conditioning & Cooling, Architects, Builders & Engineers, Bathroom Remodeling, Carpentry & Woodworking, Cabinets, Cleaning Services, Concrete, Brick & Stone, Countertops, Decorators & Designers, Drywall & Insulation, Electrical & Computers, Energy Efficiency...
Additions & Remodels, Air Conditioning & Cooling, Architects, Builders & Engineers, Bathroom Remodeling, Carpentry & Woodworking, Cabinets, Cleaning Services, Concrete, Brick & Stone, Countertops, Decorators & Designers, Drywall & Insulation, Electrical & Computers, Energy Efficiency, Fences, Flooring, Foundations, Garage, Green Home Improvement Projects, Drywall & Insulation, Electrical & Computers, Handyman Services, Heating & Furnaces, Home Construction, Home Inspectors & Appraisers, Home Winterization, Moving & Storage, Kitchen Remodeling, Landscape, Yard & Garden, Painting & Staining, Plumbing, Roofing, Senior Care, Siding, Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs & Saunas, Tile & Stone, Walls & Ceilings, Windows & Doors and many Other Services
Home Improvement Categories
Some features might include the following: 

• Marketplace. Real time bidding platform where homeowners compete against other homeowners for projects from top rated contractors. And contractors compete against each other in rough estimate quotes/discounts/offers/bundling services, etc.

• Trusted review site verification, business history, to create a safe and vibrant, trustworthy & truly open market where market value is determined in real time.

• Profile creation by business owners and homeowners.  Homeowners pull their zillow record in and describe projects. Contractors post job history, pics, skills and link popular review sites, etc.

• Review API's from popular trusted sites to rank the contractors by Google, BBB, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook.

• Homeowner search suggest for deals from service providers by zip code and instantly alert the service provider by text 

• Business owner tools such as landing pg's, cost calculators, ad templates, pre-optimized ad campaign templates that launch in a click or two, segmented keyword lists per category, comparable projects, etc.

• Intuitive, push-button-easy solutions that end with customer conversations, not geek speak.

• Homeowner search by zip & category that ranks highest reviewed contractors according to trusted review sites (Google, BBB, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook)

• Intuitive, push-button-easy linking of business owners websites to the platform or vice versa, linking the tools in the platform to their website. 

• Make it possible to get started with a boost without a website or borrow the boost and send it to their established website.
3 Interfaces or dashboards that each facilitate a unique user: 
1. Local service provider Interface
2. homeowner Interface 
3. local support expert Interface 
1. Local service provider Interface
2. homeowner Interface 
3. local support Interface 
$20,000 WINNER
The $20k winner will successfully create a honeypot site to attract homeowners and/or home improvement business owners with a side door for a local support expert to ensure quality interactions.
$7,000 WINNER
The $7k winner will contribute a feature that is significant to the overall usefulness of the platform.
$3,000 WINNER
The $3k winner will contribute the best peripheral feature. These are things that are nice to have but non-essential.
Q. Can the same person win all 3 prizes? 
A. Yes.
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